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Nine Wonderful Words About Words from 25 things you had no idea there were words for


I believe that anyone using these words too frequently would be thought of as a sesquipedalian.



  1. Adj, foolish, silly

Pronunciation: fatch-oo-uhs

Origin: Latin,

  1. Adj, fatuus, a, um - foolish, silly

Example: While Jennifer’s ramblings seem fatuous to most, her best friend seemed to understand her clearly.

The loss of human culture is frightening. Nearly all the threatened languages are spoken by indigenous peoples and, along with the languages, the traditional knowledge of these cultures is being forgotten. The names, uses, and preparation of medicines, the methods of farming, fishing and hunting are disappearing, not to mention the vast array of spiritual and religious beliefs and practices which are as diverse and numerous as the languages themselves.
According to a report by researchers Jonathan Loh at the Zoological Society of London and David Harmon, the steep declines in both languages and nature mirror each other. One in four of the world’s 7,000 languages are now threatened with extinction, and linguistic diversity is declining as fast as biodiversity – about 30% since 1970. (via climateadaptation)

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Actually, that’s also a linguistics-student-problem 

I deal with this all the time


Actually, that’s also a linguistics-student-problem 

I deal with this all the time

So, I got the idea to start doing this from this blog. I think it’s a great idea to post your goals or have something to keep you accountable, so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!


  • Review Conditional Sentences
  • Review Subjunctive Uses
  • Read/Translate Horace’s Odes, Book 1, poem #17
  • Create 5 flashcard sets


  • Create 2 flashcard sets


  • Read 30 pages a day of A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage

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  1. Verb, to lessen or diminish in intensity
  2. Verb, to end

Pronunciation: uh-bayt

Origin: Old French, Latin

This word comes from the Middle French abatre which is derived from the Latin battuo, battuere - to beat.

Example: The kids played inside as they waited for the storm to abate.


Landscapes, 2014 | by Justin Carrasquillo

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I’m always torn when I comes to Cicero’s name. I’m hardcore on Classical Latin pronunciation and I prefer the hard “C”, but when I pronounced Cicero like “Kikero”, it only reminds me of Kakarot, and then I’m thinking about DBZ.

'Sissero' makes me think of the Skyrim character. Now I'm going to think of him or Kakarot every time I mention this guy.

Haha. Glad I could be of service!


So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. It’s been a while since I have been posting regularly, period. Now that I have some gainful employment and have stopped moving around for the time being, I have some time to post regularly again and, hopefully, make this blog even better than ever! So, in celebration of the resuming of normal posts again, here’s another shoutout to you awesome people that follow this blog and some other amazing blogs that you should check out!

Linguastic - A blog of a fellow language-learner. I am simply amazed by the concrete goals she’s set for herself, the cool content, and other interest things that may interest you as well. I think all language learners should do something like what she’s doing - make weekly goals and keep practicing! I will actually be taking some tips away from her blog and reworking mine a bit, accordingly!

tipsforlanguagelearning - Another great language blog with a wealth of tips and more in many languages - it’s not language-specific. 

languagescom - Essentially, a mirror of The posting is scarce, but there’s some interesting things about languages on there.

arabicproblems - You don’t need to know Arabic to relate; we’ve all been there. Here’s something to cheer you up when your language learning seems a bit tough.

latin-student-problems - Just like the about is Arabic-specific, this one’s all about the Latin, baby.

oupacademic - A neat blog put together by the Oxford University Press. It’s not 100% languages or linguistics, but for those of you that love to learn about languages and the world, this is a must follow (If you haven’t already).

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