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  1. Noun, Astronomya group of stars to which definite names have been given (e.g. Ursa Minor)
  2. Noun, a group of related ideas, feelings, things, etc.
  3. Noun, any outstanding group/collection of things

Pronunciation: cohn-stehl-lay-shun

Origin: Latin

  1. Prep, cum - with/together
  2. Noun, stella, ae - star

Example: The convention presented a great meeting space for a constellation of authors from around the world.


솜씨- skill, ability 

자존심- ego, self-esteem, ambition 

호기심- curiosity

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You know you’re a grammar nut when you see the title “Dumb and Dumber To” in a commercial and a part of you cringes/dies a little.



  1. Noun, a great flood of water; downpour

Pronunciation: deh-looj

Origin: Latin,

  1. Noun, diluvium, diluvii - flood

Example: The deluge made it impossible to drive on the road.


NSU, Cherokee Nation Partner to Train and Hire Language Instructors

Students hoping to major in Cherokee Language Education at Northeastern State University will receive much-needed support thanks to a new grant relationship between the Cherokee Nation and NSU. Starting in January, a partnership between the university and Cherokee Nation designed to create a pipeline of teachers for the tribe’s Cherokee Immersion Charter School will become more student focused and create a direct pathway to employment in many of the tribe’s language programs.

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